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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a monthly subscription for a kit and extras, with a different theme each month. The art in the kits is custom exclusive art that will only be available for Plannerface! You can find examples of past subscription months here.

The kits are a mystery, so you won't know what kit you will be getting in advance, but a teaser image will be sneaked on the listing when subscriptions open on the 25th of each month.

There will be a range of themes to suit all interests. Some themes will be specific for certain holidays or seasons, but many will be suitable to use any time.

You can choose either a full kit or mini kit option for the subscription (these are the same layout as current full and mini kits in the shop). In addition to the kit, the subscription will also include a co-ordinating set of add-ons (glitter add-on sheet, box add-on sheet, mystery exclusive add-on sheet, 15mm washi) and a journalling card.

The sign up window will open from 25th of the month before, to the 1st of the month of the subscription e.g. for the February subscription, sign ups open on 25th January and will close on 1st February.

When sign ups close on the 1st of the month, we will then process all the orders and these will ship in the middle of that month e.g. February subscriptions will close on 1st February, and will ship in the middle of February. You will receive an email when your kit is on it's way.

To have your kit shipped Signed For (UK) or Tracked & Signed (international), you will have to sign up to a different subscription listing. Click here for the standard vertical kit or here for the mini kit. Due to Shopify limitations, I cannot offer a choice of shipping methods within one subscription, hence the additional listings. If you wish to change the shipping of a current subscription, send me an email and I can do this for you manually.

Popular collections may be released for general sale in the shop later down the line, but I can't guarantee this. If a kit is released it will be a year after it was available in the subscription. I recommend being part of the subscription to avoid any disappointment!

The Plannerface Buy, Sale, Trade Facebook group is a place where you can sell on any subscription (and other) Plannerface kits that you no longer require. Before putting an item up for sale, please ensure you read the group rules regarding sales.

You can change your subscription kit format when subscribed by sending me an email at This will only affect future billing and previously billed subscriptions cannot be amended.

There will be two options for the mystery subscription - monthly billing or a one off purchase. You will only be able to purchase the mystery subscription (including one off purchases) at

Once you sign up, this will be a monthly rolling subscription and you will be be billed for the subscription automatically for future months unless you cancel*. The monthly subscription will be slightly cheaper than purchasing one off as a thank you for signing up monthly - so you will receive everything at a discounted price!

You will be billed each month on the same date you initially signed up, e.g. if you signed up on the 28th of the month, you will be billed on the 28th for each month thereafter.

*You must remain subscribed for a total of 3 billing cycles before you can end the subscription. e.g. If you first subscribe in January, you must remain subscribed for the February and March kit before you are able to cancel any time from April onwards.

Spots will open each month for you to purchase the next mystery kit one-off. The price will be set slightly higher than the monthly subscription, so for the best value you may want to consider the monthly rolling subscription.

If you sign up to the monthly billing, it will cost
- £11 for the mini kit option
- £17 for the standard vertical kit option

If you purchase one-off, it will cost
- £13 for the mini kit option
- £19 for the standard vertical kit option

This includes 1 mystery kit + all extras. This is removable matte pricing, for premium matte add £4 to each price.

Postage is added separately but is the lowest shipping band. This may increase slightly with Royal Mail price increases.

No discount codes, reward points or gift cards will be valid on the mystery kit monthly subscription or one off payment option. Any orders using a code or points will be cancelled. You will also not be able to add a PR team name in the notes to seller due to the orders being packaged in bulk.

Yes! You will get reward points on your account for monthly subscriptions and one off purchases. If you are new to using the Plannerface website, please create an account when shopping - this means you will receive reward points which give you discounts on Plannerface purchases in the future!

You have the option to cancel your subscription after 3 billing cycles have elapsed. You can manage an active subscription through your account on the Plannerface website - to access this, click your name in the top right when logged in and choose "Manage My Subscriptions", then the subscription number.

You need to do this before billing is processed for the next month which is on the date you originally subscribed e.g. if you subscribed on the 29th of the month, to stop subscribing for April onwards, you need to cancel before 29th March or you will be billed again.

You can start your subscription again at any time by signing up again on the Plannerface website when the next month subscriptions re-open, providing there are open spots.

To skip a month of the subscription, you will need to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe (see question above).

You will need to purchase the subscription separately to any other Plannerface orders. This includes one off purchases of the mystery subscription due to the extended processing time. Any one off purchases of the subscription with other Plannerface items in the order will be cancelled.

Don't worry if your payment has not gone through initially, as the payment attempt will be re-tried 3 times every 24 hours until it is successful. You can also manually trigger the payment by going into your subscription settings in your account. If the payment does not go through after 3 billing attempts, the subscription will be cancelled and you will need to sign up again on the 25th.

You can amend your payment method and address through your subscription settings, which can be found by going to your account details and then clicking "subscriptions". If you are changing your address after you have been billed but before the mystery has shipped, please also email me with the change at so I can ensure your shipping label has the new address on it.

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