Planner Glossary: Planning Terms You Should Know

Planner Glossary: Planning Terms You Should Know

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One of the best parts about decorative planning is the range of planners, designs and sizes available - you can try them all out and find what word for you. However, it can mean the lingo gets a little confusing at times! Here's a look at some sticker jargon - keep checking back as this list is updated regularly! 


  • A5/A6/B6: These refer to planner or insert sizes, mirroring the ISO paper sizes.


  • Bullet Journal: A notebook, often decorated by hand, used for planning.
  • Bullet Journaling Method: A method of organisation developed by Ryder Carroll in 2013. Using the bujo method involves using an index and key to signify different entries in a bullet journal notebook,


  • Charms: Decorative accessories attached to a planner’s spine or rings.
  • Coiled Planner: Planners bound by a spiral coil, often allowing them to lay flat when open.


  • Decorative Stickers: Stickers used to decorate planners, often themed around life events or seasons.
  • Destash: The process of selling or giving away unused planner supplies.
  • Die Cuts: Pre-cut shapes used for decoration. They can be made from paper or cardstock, or on adhesive vinyl.
  • DO1P/DO2P/MO1P/WO1P + more: Abbreviations for various kinds of planner layouts: "day on one page" / "day on two pages" / "month on one page" / "week on one page" etc.


  • EC/ECLP (Erin Condren Life Planner): Refers to the popular brand and type of planner known for its 1.5" wide vertical column layout.
  • Etsy: A popular online marketplace where you can purchase a variety of stickers and planner supplies.


  • Foiled Stickers: Stickers embellished with metallic foil for a shiny effect.
  • Full Box: A sticker that fits the full box space in a planner, usually used in vertical layouts. 1.5" wide x 1.9" tall.
  • Full Kit: A comprehensive set of stickers designed to theme an entire week in a planner. Plannerface full kits contain 6.5 sheets.
  • Functional Stickers: Stickers designed for a specific organisational purpose, like marking appointments or reminders. 


  • Glossy: A type of sticker paper finish that is shiny and smooth, making colors pop but can be difficult to write on with certain pens.


  • Half Box: A sticker half the size of a full box, often for writing on. 1.5" wide x 0.95" tall.
  • Happy Mail: Planner purchases, often stickers, received through the mail.
  • Hobonichi (Hobo): A Japanese brand of planners known for their Tomoe River paper and daily layouts.
  • HP (Happy Planner): A discbound planner system that allows for easy rearrangement of pages.


  • Inserts: Additional pages or sections that can be added to a planner, often for tracking specific activities or goals.


  • Journaling Stickers: Stickers for adding decorative elements to journal entries or memory planning.


  • Kit: A set of coordinated stickers designed to be used together for planning, often for a set period of time e.g. a week or a month.
  • Kiss Cut: A sticker cutting method where the sticker is cut through but the backing paper is not, making them easy to peel.




  • Memory Planning: The practice of using planners to document past events and memories, similar to scrapbooking.
  • Mini Kit: A smaller set of stickers designed to theme an entire week in a planner. Plannerface mini kits contain 3.5 sheets.
  • Monthly Kit: A set of stickers designed to cover a monthly spread in a planner. 
  • Mystery Kit: A sticker kit sold (often via subscription) without revealing the specific designs beforehand, often themed around a season, holiday, or event.




  • Planner Peace: The elusive feeling of peace when you have found the perfect planner for you (may be short-lived!)
  • Premium Matte: A type of sticker paper (or vinyl) that offers a smooth finish and high print quality. Usually non-removable but easier to write on than glossy.
  • Planner Spread: The layout of a planner’s pages once decorated.
  • Planner Stack: The act of stacking multiple planners on top of one another, usually for a photo to commemorate an event or meet up.
Planner Stack photo from a planner meet-up


  • Quarter Box: A small sticker, usually one-fourth the size of a full box, used for marking shorter events. 1.5" wide x 0.475" tall.


  • RAK (Random Act of Kindness): Sending planner supplies to someone unexpectedly, often seen in planner communities.
  • Removable Matte: A type of sticker paper that allows stickers to be peeled off and repositioned without damaging the planner pages.


  • Spread: The two pages visible when a planner is laid open, often decorated with a cohesive layout.
  • Standard Vertical Kit: A sticker kit designed specifically for planners with a vertical layout with 1.5" wide columns.
  • Standard Vertical Planner: A planner with vertical 1.5" columns for each day, made popular by Erin Condren and Happy Planner.


  • Transparent Matte: Stickers made from a see-through matte material, useful for layering over other stickers without covering them. Popular for script stickers and icons.
  • Traveler’s Notebook (TN): A customisable notebook system using a leather cover and interchangeable insert booklets.



  • Vertical Layout: A planner layout with columns for each day of the week, allowing for vertical scheduling and decoration.


  • Washi Sticker Paper: A type of sticker paper with a texture similar to washi tape, usually slightly sheer and tear-able.
  • Washi Tape: Decorative adhesive tape used for borders, filling spaces, or creating backgrounds in planners.





  • 7x9: Refers to the common 7 inches by 9 inches size of vertical planner.

It should be a lot easier to navigate the world of planning now you know the meaning of the jargon! If there's anything you're still unsure of, let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list to help others too!

If you're new to sticker planning, you might like my Beginner's Guide to Memory Planning!

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